Activation Rates Optimisation

Would you like to know what prevents a customer from becoming a happy, loyal, active and paying one?



My name is Tony Freed. I specialise in customer activation rates optimisation for SaaS products through customer research, onboarding and features adoption optimisation using techniques I've learned and developed over the last 13 years.

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How can I help

Customer Onboarding Audit

Quick and effective way to find potential leaks in your user onboarding funnel.

After only 2 days you'll get a full and comprehensive report (30-50 pages PDF) with all the issues that I've found (usually around 80-150).

Activation Rates Optimisation

Rather than outsourcing one of the most important parts of your growth team, do it in-house with the ongoing consulting and training of a customer activation specialist.

Workshops & Training

Learn all the skills your organisation needs in order to create engaging and inspiring customer onboarding funnels.

I provide multiple in-house interactive workshops and training sessions for startups.



The amount of errors Tony found in our funnels is mind-blowing - over 100! It helped us to improve our activation rates by 3x! Tony is now my guy to go for any customer onboarding and activation question.
— Guy Mizinski | Co-Founder & VP Marketing at Adebly
Tony’s experience and genuine willingness to help makes him one of a kind. If you’re really into optimising customers first experience, features adoption and activation rates, you better talk to Tony.
— Zack Davidovich | Head of Product & COO at CitySocializer



Online Workshop

Introduction to Mentor Behaviour Model

Over the past several years I've been looking at patterns to understand what is it about the products we prefer over others even when their competitors have more features or better pricing.

In this webinar I'm going to introduce you to the Mentor behaviour model.


Mentor Behaviour Model

Grow faster by reducing churn and improving retention using 4 element Mentor behaviour model.

Mentor Behaviour Model states that every interaction with every element of your product has to lead a customer to the point of success by motivating, guiding and reducing friction.


User Activation School