User Onboarding Consulting & Training

Let’s get your SaaS on the right track to unlock at least 25% more growth


Users drop-off during registration? New users leave right after registration and never come back? Trial-to-Payment rates are low? Users don’t like the product so the managers cancel the licence?


How much does poor user onboarding cost you?



Hi! My name is Tony Freed.

I’m a user onboarding specialist with over 13 years of experience in product management, user research and conversion rates optimisation.

I’m here to help you avoid countless mistakes and hit your metrics.

Tony’s review helped us significantly improve our activation rates and reduce churn! Tony is my now guy to go for any user onboarding and activation questions.
— Guy Mizinski | Co-Founder & VP Marketing at Adebly
Tony’s experience and genuine willingness to help makes him one of a kind. If you’re really into optimising user onboarding and product adoption, you better talk with Tony.
— Zack Davidovich | Head of Product & COO at CitySocializer


User onboarding audit

Get a complete and unbiased expert review of your user onboarding flow.

I find the leaks in your funnel, identify high-impact points for optimisation and give you an optimisation plan designed to reduce onboarding period churn and increase conversion and product adoption.


What you can expect

  • Funnels and screens review and suggestions for optimisation

  • Onboarding emails review and suggestions for optimisation

  • Tools suggestions

  • A prioritisation roadmap

and much more.


How it works

  1. Book a Free 30 minute session

  2. I’ll conduct a product and user research

  3. I’ll provide you with a full and comprehensive report

From £2,300 to £15,000


In-office workshop

Rather than outsourcing one of the most important parts of your growth team, do it in-house with the ongoing consulting and training of a conversion optimisation specialist.

Together we will review your current funnels, identify problems, learn, brainstorm and create new registration and user onboarding funnels prototypes, emails, in-app copy and messages.


How it works

  1. Book a Free 30 minute session

  2. I’ll conduct a basic product review and prepare the workshop

  3. We will have a full day workshop to learn and fix your user onboarding

Starts at £1,200 / day



Whether you’re figuring out how to activate your customers, improve signup-to-payment rate or make sure end-users see the value and willing to use your product, we all need someone who’s been there before to make sure we’re on the right path.

I’ll help you avoid countless mistakes along the way, save time and money, and get positive results sooner.

Feel confident your user onboarding optimisation program is on track, get weekly feedback, assistance and guidance on all your designs, copy and tools from a seasoned user onboarding specialist.


How it works

  1. Book a Free 30 minute session

  2. I’ll conduct a product and user research

  3. I’ll help you execute the strategy and hit your metric goals

Starts at £1,500 / month