User Onboarding & Activation

I will get your SaaS product on the right track to unlock at least 25% more growth.




Growing your SaaS startup is hard.

Moreover, it’s harder than ever. Cost of acquisition is up across the board, customers have more options and less patience than ever. Yet, most companies still focusing strictly on acquisition with barely any time on activation and retention. Unfortunately, that doesn't work anymore.


Grow faster by improving your activating rates.

My name is Tony Freed. I specialise in customer activation rates optimisation for SaaS products through customer research, onboarding and features adoption optimisation using techniques I've learned and developed over the last 13 years working with startups and enterprises.

I will review your product, study your customers, conduct user research, analyse results and come up with ideas on how to quickly (if possible) fix the most significant leaks.

What I’m not going to do:

  • A/B test ideas (at least blindly)

  • Implement best practices

  • Advice without research