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My name is Tony Freed and I will get your SaaS product on the right track
to unlock at least 25% more growth.


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No startup can afford bad user onboarding and activation

Growing a SaaS startup is hard. Moreover, it’s harder than ever. Cost of acquisition is up across the board, customers have more options and less patience than ever.

Yet, most companies still focusing strictly on acquisition with barely any time on onboarding and activation.

Unfortunately, that doesn't work anymore.



My name is Tony Freed and I specialise in customer activation rates optimisation for SaaS products.Over the last 13 years, working with startups and enterprises, I've learned and developed techniques for quicker and more effective user onboarding, customer activation and product adoption.

Let’s work together.



Unlock at least 25% more growth

It takes only 3 months to research, test and create user onboarding, customer activation and product adoption funnels that will unlock at least 25% more growth. In many cases it’s possible to 2x, 3x and even 7x the growth.


Improve signup-to-payment conversion rates

Together we will create better registration, onboarding and activation funnels.

  • Reduce drop-offs during registration.

  • Reduce the initial (first visit) churn.

  • Optimise your trial journey for better conversion.


Improve product adoption

We will create proper product adoption funnels for better stickiness and higher LTV.

  • Create product usage routines.

  • Reduce first-3-month churn.

  • Increase LTV.


There is no sense in spending so much energy, time and money on bringing customers
and not making every possible effort for keeping them


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"Tony is now my guy to go for any customer onboarding and activation question."

Guy Mizinski | Co-Founder & VP Marketing at Adebly

"Tony's experience and genuine willingness to help makes him one of a kind. If you're really into optimising customers first experience, features adoption and activation rates, you better talk to Tony."

Zack Davidovich | Head of Product & COO at CitySocializer