How to get churned users on the phone

So, here is the story. You met her a few weeks ago. She signed up, used your product a few time and then disappeared. She left you with no answers. You keep sending her emails begging her to come back, proposing discounts and updating her about the new exciting features. But nothing. She’s not responding.

This is the story of 99.9% of SaaS startups. Trial users conversion is hard and requires continues learning and optimisation. Disappointed customers are the best source of insights that provide a unique opportunity to learn and improve.

The problem is that it’s hard to get such customers on the phone. If you don’t have customer’s phone number, your only communication channel is email. But they stopped using your product and not active for a while. They don’t respond to your emails. They don’t want to invest more time in you and don’t want to hear your sales pitch again.

So, how to can we get churned customers on the phone?

I’m glad you asked! :)

I don’t like trick and hacks, but there is one that always helped me to get churned customers on the phone - let them go.


If they stopped using your product and not responding, you’ve lost them. Now you can try to bring them back or try to learn. It’s almost impossible to do both, so you better learn.

Send them an email that proposes them to delete the account or complete a simple task.

The task has to be simple and easy to do - create a task, set a reminder, whatever it is for your product.

Deleting an account is not an easy thing to do for someone who’s not sure. So, she might give you another chance. If she decides to leave you, wish her well and let her go. It makes a good impression and will change a bit her opinion about your company. As a result, you are increasing chances that she might return one day or suggest your product to her friends and colleagues.

In addition to that, propose a gift (Amazon gift card or similar) in exchange for a quick 20 min call.

A few simple rules here:

  • Don’t ask for her phone number. That’s too much. Make it as easy as possible for her to connect without giving you additional information. Google hangouts, Zoom, GoToMeeting, etc. But don’t ask for her phone number.

  • Pay, don’t play. No lotteries, please. No discounts on your product. No bullshit. You’re asking her to spend time with you and answer questions. Pay for her time.

  • Make it very clear that your goal is to learn and not to sell.

You need only 10-12 interviews to understand the biggest problem.


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