Pro tip: Prepare customers for onboarding

Bad user onboarding is the main reason for churn. Customers who have been through bad onboarding already gave up on your product even if they still around. 

Preparing your customers for onboarding makes it easier for them to adopt your product.

Now, here is the thing, everything that users know, think and feel about your product before registration, affects their onboarding and even activation rates. All your ads and blog posts, everything that sales rep said, the way your customers are describing your product, everything prepares your customers for onboarding by setting up expectations and defining communication style.

If there is any cognitive dissonance or you’re not meeting customers expectations during onboarding, it’s a problem as at the very least it affects trust. 

1. Be consistent. Use the very same design and copy style outside and inside your product.

2. Make sure that everyone in your team describes your product the right way.

3. Know how your customers describe your product.

Customers sign up because you’ve promised to improve their lives in a particular way. Show them that it’s possible. Deliver on that promise.

Mind your customer!

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