User Onboarding Tips: Reduce time to value

We build products to make people lives a bit better. Most startups fail before reaching any product/market fit as there is no market need for their products. Nowadays the problem became much more complicated.

Growing SaaS startup is harder than ever. Cost of acquisition is up across the board while customers have more options and less patience than ever. It doesn’t make any sense to spend so much energy, time and money to bring customers in and not make every possible effort for keeping them. Would you agree with me on that?

The goal of onboarding is to make a user realise the potential value so she would give this product a chance. Bad onboarding leads to low activation rates. And that means no growth. No startup can afford bad user onboarding and activation.

Most of us always knew that customers don’t like to explore products. But today they have less patience than ever. It’s not enough to lead customers to point where they will realise the potential value. The point they will enjoy using our product even for a moment.

We have to reduce time to value as much as possible.

Actionable advice!

First of all, you have to know what is the value you providing to your customers. In many cases, it’s not what you think it is. At Starbucks, for example, they know that people don’t actually come for coffee. It’s the experience that brings people in. It’s your job to understand what customers value in your product.

Now when you know what people value in your product, remove everything that stands in their way. Don’t ask questions if you don’t absolutely have to know the answer. Don’t show me any link that doesn’t lead me to the value.

User onboarding is about showing the value. Reduce time to value.

Mind your customer!

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