Hi, I’m Tony Freed

I help SaaS companies increase customer activation rates and reduce first-week churn. Let’s get your SaaS on the right track to unlock at least 25% more growth.

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Let's talk about customer activation

What is it

Customer activation is the process of leading a customer from registration to the point where she feels enthusiastic about your product or service and decides that it’s worth further investment.

What I do

I help SaaS companies create effective customer activation funnels by auditing existing funnels, fixing leaks, researching customers needs and goals, and creating the most effortless “Path to Success”.

What you get

  • Lower churn

  • Better signup-to-payment conversion

  • Better product adoption, hence better usage, retention and LTV



Let’s fix your customer activation

New users drop-off during registration or don’t come back after the first login?

Let’s fix it!

  • Full customer activation audit to find and remove all the leaks

  • Customer research to understand the needs, goals and decision-making triggers

  • Behaviour analytics and flow optimisation

I will fix your customer activation rates and get your SaaS product on the right track to unlock at least 25% more growth.


Just a review please

Need a quicker solution? No problem!

What will suit you best?

  • Product/prototypes review, report with suggestions for optimisation and 60 min call

  • Full day workshop in your office - review, brainstorming, research & optimisation planning

  • Full product audit and customer research


Need an advice?

Let’s schedule a 60 minute call.

  • Registration drop-offs

  • Customer activation & user onboarding

  • Emails and in-app communication


Master Customer Activation with Tony Freed

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Over the last 14 months, I’ve reviewed and analysed over 300 SaaS products and interviewed numerous founders and managers.

The result of this extensive work - Day 1 Framework

  • How to optimise registration

  • Path to Success - how to lead a customer to a decision making point

  • How to establish communication

and much more!