User Onboarding Audit

Is your user onboarding at its best?



User onboarding is the key to growth!

The goal of user onboarding is to make a user realise the potential value so she would give this product a chance.

Bad onboarding leads to low activation rates. And that means no growth.

No startup can afford bad user onboarding and activation.



Losing customers after registration?


It doesn’t make any sense to spend so much energy, time and money to bring customers in and not make every possible effort for keeping them. The first step is to understand why that happens.



Research first!

Get a complete analysis of your user onboarding funnel and learn how it actually should look like.


Customers research

What do you need to know about your customers to deliver perfect user onboarding?

Learn your customers expectations - what they know, think and feel about your product before registration. Their reasons to sign up, fears and concerns, needs and challenges, willingness to pay and so on.


Registration & onboarding UX review

Small UX issues can have big impact on your users' decisions.

Get full funnel mapping, screen by screen reviews and suggestions for optimisations.


Data analysis

Data doesn’t provide all the answers but can point you in the right direction.

  • Analytics data aggregation and analysis.

  • Integration of new tools in needed.

  • Support data analysis


I will aggregate, organise and analyse qualitative and quantitative data to find the potential leaks in your funnels and propose optimisation and improvements that will lead to growth.



Get your user onboarding audit now!


In 2-3 weeks you’ll get a full report and plan for optimisation to unlock your growth.

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The amount of errors Tony found in our funnels is mind-blowing! It helped us to improve our activation rates by 3x! Tony is now my guy to go for any customer onboarding and activation question.
— Guy Mizinski | Co-Founder & VP Marketing at Adebly